søndag 6. november 2011

~ OMG! :D

Hi C:
so it's been a while, sorry x)
uhm, so..what can i say..it's sunday, a very boring sunday..

I've talked to this girl and we started to talk about dogs, and I said that I wanted a
Chinese chested again (cuz I've had one befre but it got sic and..yeah..), and she said
that she wanted to take back one of her's cuz she didn't like the owner that well and she haven't
paid her the last money that the dog cost so she want him back, but she can't afford him so she want to give him to another one that she can have contact with and live close to so she culd see him to. So I said that I wanted him so much, but that I've got to talk to my mom and stepfather to hear what they think and hope that they will give him to me.
So I talked to mom, but in the first place she didn't want another dog, but then my stepfather said that if not the other chinese chested had died we wold have 2 dog's now, so for him it dind't mater. So me and my mom talked for a wile and in the end she said yes :D So my point is that I'm getting my own dog again :D He's so cute, and he's name is Junior ^^ So I hope that the girl who has him now will give him back to Thea ( the one who want to give him to me) without a fight..

                                                                  Here is a picture :3


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