torsdag 29. desember 2011

yey :D

So i got this new piercing ^^ love it :3
It's called a 'smiley' piercing. It didn't hurt cuz i got
some pain killers so i didn't feel anything : P
And i have stretch'd my ear to 6 mm ^^

not much but i a little ^^
Bye '-'

søndag 18. desember 2011


sorry for a long time with no writing :c
but i haven't had anything ti write about cuz nothing have happent
here at all. 
so, this week i've been alone with the dogs. it was fun but also a litte
scary :P
now i'm sic..again..i don't want to be sic any more! i miss ''my'' horse and
my friends so much! i just want to meet them.
but now i have to go :) i'm going to try to help with the tree ^^

have a verry merry christmas and a happy new year!<3

mandag 5. desember 2011


so i haven't been writing much cuz i'm so tierd and haven't been
able to write at all. but anyways, i've had 3 of my friends for a sleepover this weekend
and it was so fun and we did so many strange things xD
but yesterday i was so tierd!! i'm tierd today also but not as much i was yesterday.
Now i have got the dog i've waited for in like 3.5 weeks. FINALLY!
an he's so loving ans so happy all the time and eo happy to see me come
home from school and if i just have been out for an hour or so :O:P
but here is some pictures :3